DC Charging System ~ CAD & PDF Files

The DC charging system is designed so that in dock with shore power, while motoring or undersail and ant anchor offshore the 3 sets of batteries will have their chare maintained. The key to this is both the selection of charging devices, shore power, engine alternator, wind or solar and the Blue Seas Systems automatic charge regulators.

The most important is the Mastervolt 12/40-3 charger which is designed to individually control the charging of 3 separate battery banks. Normally sailboats spend the majority of their time docked in marinas. To do its job at the dock with shore power ON, the ML remote battery switches would normally be OPEN to allow the battery charger to have singular control of battery charging, but CLOSED while underway. This is a manual duty performed as either you leave the boat for home, or you are preparing to leave the dock to go sailing. The purpose of the ML remote battery switches are to ENABLE or DISABLE a battery bank from charge inputs, or discharge loads.

The PDF's listed here provide the required information to help find/test/replace a potentially defective unit, or to find an alternate of equal performance should the current unit be out of production. This is the case of the engine mounted alternator the original unit having been replaced by a Prestolite 1-wire unit. There is on board a spare new Prestolite alternator and a new Starter Motor for the Yanmar engine, having a spare of each is absolutely indispensable.