Fuel System ~ CAD & PDF Files

The diesel fuel system is quite straight forward, although getting it this way took time and patience. The 2 fuel tanks lie below the cockpit steps, but the ON ~ OFF flow control valves on the tanks are accessed through floor hatches at the foot of the steps. The tanks were nominally 50-gallon capacity each. Tank corrosion and fuel leakage required a Cut & Replace of the bottom 1" of the tanks reducing the total fuel capacity from 100 to 95 gallons. Fuel levels in the tanks are monitored using 9-step magnetic non-contact reed switches which replaced the original dip sticks. The fuel level is read out via a keypad and LCD display on the panel adjacent to the engine room.

Fuel is drawn to the engine by the injector distribution pump or in difficult priming circumstances an in-line electric fuel pump can be used. There are two Racor filters that are interconnected by a 3=way and 2 x 2-way hand valves. This allows the Racors to be alternated for cleaning / filter replacement while the alternate is available for use. Both filter use 10-micron filter elements. The current Yanmar 4JH3-TE replaced the original Ford Lehman unit and does not recommend an excess return fuel loop to the fuel tank, instead it is feed back to the Racor filters. The Yanmar has its own combination separate 10-micron filter and manual priming that feed a Bosch distribution injector pump for the 4 injectors.