Garmin NMEA 2000 Navigation System ~ CAD & PDF Files

Most times when people consider complex electronics they go to a service company to advise and do installations. With a boat that was all Garmin for Charts, Wind, Depth and Auto helm, the requirements to fully extend the system we much easier to work through ourselves. This is why the Garmin NMEA2000 Technical Reference is the top item on the PDF list below.

The second item is the CAD/PDF drawing of the Garmin Navigation System showing where things are located on the boat. You can zoom in on the drawing to get a better view of the detail. The helm has the GPSmap 750 Chartplotter, Wind, Depth and Auto Helm devices. Thhe large 7215 Chartplotter and VHF200 radio are in the Nav Station. The depth sensor is below a floor hatch in the V berth, while the CCU and ECU controls for the auto helm are behind the LH end of the salon bench and below the AFT berth respectively. The AIS 600, Network hub and the NMEA2000 backbone are to the right of the galley sink, behind a screw panel and in the adjacent cupboard.