Potable and Grey Water Systems ~ CAD & PDF Files

The potable water system relies on 2 x 50-gallon stainless steel water tank mounted below the salon teak and holly sole. They fill through PORT and STBD deck mounted fill ports. The amount of water required to fill a tank can be read from the digital display panel adjacent to the engine compartment. The potable water system hoses and piping were completely removed in 2015 as it functioned at less than desirable flow and purity. All piping was replaced with " PEX tubing, RED for hot water flows and BLUE for cold. Water is drawn out of the tanks going immediately to a line of Filter / Pump / Accumulator, it is then split at a T to cold water faucets and to the hot water heater. Hot water is then routed back to hot faucets.

WasteTreatment System ~ CAD & PDF Files

It was decided to revise the Grey Water Waste System based on Raritan ElectroSan Units. Each head was discharged directly to its own ElectroSan, then onto a holding tank when the ElectroSan is full (4 toilet flushes +/-). From the holding tanks their discharge goes to a Y valve which feeds either an on-deck pump-out fitting or to an electric diaphragm pump to a below water line sea-cock through-hull. The ElectroSans have a separate controller for maceration and hydrolyzing sea water to a weak hydrochlorous acid to treat the waste, the cycle time and sequence are programmed into the control unit. The holding tank discharge pumps are manually controlled and left on, until the pump is not drawing waste, then they are switched off