Power Train ~ CAD & PDF Files

The current Yanmar engin was a replacement for the origonal Ford Lehman. The Yanmar 4JH3-TE is a Turbo Diesel of nominally 75HP. It was designed more for the Power Boat world and has a simple reliable Bosch diesel 4 cylinder distribution pump, built in fuel filter and manual priming pump. Diesel fuel is not returned to the fuel tank it is simply circulated back to the low pressure side of the filter. The hours shown on the hour meter are not correct as the engine was not new when purchased and installed sometime around 2005 in Canada. It is believed to have less than 1,800 total use hours, which is very low for a well designed and maintained engine. The oil pressure while running never drops below 40 psi, even down at 1200 rpm which again is indicative of it being lightly used.

The Turbo Charger we rebuilt ourselves using dial indicators to measure wear and witness marking of rotating and stationary parts, so as to not lose balance on re-assembly. The alternator in a current design Prestolite Marine 1-wire design part number PP8903N-94A, rated 94A at 12VDC. The alternator is widely used by Mercruiser but not the Yanmar engine, it is however perfectly aligned for the engine drive pulley. While under power Rua Fiola will run a comfortable 5 to 6 knots dependent on wave / swell, at an engine speed of just 2,000 rpm.

We find the Yanmar service manual to be very complete and informative.

We have had no reason to examine the Hurth Gearbox or the PSS dripless prop shaft seals at this time as both units function without leaks or noticeable vibration or run-out. At some stage we will verify the actual part numbers and append them here.

Auto-Helm and Rudder Files

The helm contains a mitre gear chain to wire drive from the wheel down to the quadrant and the rudder steering arm. The Garmin Auto Helm is a DC powered Hydraulic pump that actuates the hydraulic cylinder to change rudder position.