Offshore to the Caribbean and Beyond

Some people are quite happy to stay aboard their boat for 2 or 3 months while escaping from the frozen North. Living in Coastal Georgia cold weather is not much of a driver for us - we prefer the coasts of Florida, both East and West.

On the Hook ~ Cruise & Live

We knew that Rua Fiola had spent a lot of time cruising as well a time in Canada and the Chesapeake, thus all through the refit we were cognizant of the need to enhance the offshore and cruising capabilities. The PDF of On the Hook ~ Cruise & Live is an up to date review of where things stand.


However ... we did read a Cruising Classic called a Gentleman's Guide to Passages South. Anyone considering wintering in the Caribbean should consider this read. It is the work of more than 25 years and gives great guidance on travel from Ft Lauderdale all the way to the to the coast of Venezuela.