Using the Intercoastal Waterway

Almost everyone who has a salt water boat will at some time have used the Intercoastal Waterway. Paper charts are readily available, the chartplotter will h Without ave charts and Active Captain will give you a lot of facts as you use the waterway. The problem is that they get out of date.


Marinas are full, restaurants close, shoaling causes you to run aground. Halfway through your carefully planned trip you need to change things. No WiFi, the cell phone screen is too small, you need a book that is up to date. Do yourself a favor - buy a book for $45 +/- and carry on.

Do not stop with just the book, make sure you have a towing service like BoatUS or Sea Tow. The ICW is is not being dredged as it was in years past. Without the tow service that often comes as a part of the boat insurance, do not be surprised if s tow charge is $600 or more.