Active Captain

Of all the websites and apps providing cruising sailors and boaters with information about marinas, anchorages, and local features, ActiveCaptain is the best. All information is easily searchable and integrated with NOAA charts as well as street maps and satellite views to make trip planning easy on your computer or on your iPhone or iPad once underway. With over 100,000 boaters writing reviews and updating information, ActiveCaptain provides the most accurate and current data to make your cruising life easier and happier.


Having said all that, Garmin purchased Active Captain May 2017 and integrated it into HomePort. A probable disaster for many faithful users. We use Active Captain on a PC not to plan waypoints but to find reviews of Marinas, Obstacles, Wrecks, Shoaling and the like. All of this is still available under and still keeps the Marina data intact. How long this will last as Garmin set about monetizing HomePort - you guess.