Rua Fiola ~ Electrical Refit.

Old boats suffer from incomprehensible wiring. The reason is simple, fix todays' problem and we'll get to the rest tomorrow. The wiring has been cleaned up with inoperative /unknown wires and in-line fuses removed. There are PDF's of the latest configuation that have the simple intent of showing the interconnections and position of the electrical equipment on the boat. As far as possible the wiring conforms to ABYC standards for gauge and its physical security. Panduit wire chases from industrial practice are used extensively wherever possible. The electrical system was subdivided into the Main/Charging section with Forward and Aft Auxilliary Fuse Hubs to make the wire runs shorter and more logical.

Adding 2 Air Conditioning Systems to the boat was a challenge as was the ductwork. Places were found for the Main and Aft Berth units which are independently controlled. A large 120 VAC Inverter of 2300 Watt - 4600 Peak was added, which with 3 separate battery banks totaling over 900 Ah can give many comforts of home. There is a Mizzen Mast wind generator and provision for solar panels.

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