Rua Fiola ~ On-Deck and Hull Refit

The reason for buying Rua Fiola was easy - she is a classic Blue Water Cutter Rigged Ketch. The things that dissapointed us the most was the terrible state if the external teak - 30 years of Ceetol, an enclosure that cased head injuries everytime we went below and hand brushed hull paintwork. Out refit focused on three things; the use of TeakGuard for all surfaces that we would walk or step on, AwlBrite for Cockpit, Helm and Gunwales, and AwlGrip 2000 for the Hull. The images include the FWD deck teak with TeakGuard finish, Cockpit Seating, Cockpit Hatch, Cockpit Grates, Rear Seating Adirondack Chairs, Portland Pudgy Dingy, Stainless Steel Tube Enclosure Framing, Helm finished with AwlBrite Urethane, and the AwlGrip at the Bow Pulpit

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