Rua Fiola ~ Rigging, Sail Refit and Line Management

It is not an easy decision to rework the sail plan of a Cutter Rigged Ketch. When we had our Hunter reefing and dropping sails in worsening weather was never easy. Doing so on Rua Fiola was likely to endanger life and limb, reefing the main was next to impossible and the stay sail was bagged. We made our decisions sequentially - all lines to the cockpit, all head sails roller furled, Main and Mizzen in-mast furling, all major winches to be electric. Major sail work is complex so we show some of the excitement of getting it done.

Rua Fiola is a pleasure to sail under a self-tacking Jib and the Mizzen, you just steer. With a Code Zero Genoa light wind sailing in 5 to 8 knots will actually make forward progress and can be kept out in 10 to 12 at up to 140 degrees.

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