Rua Fiola ~ Water & Waste

Vagabond 42's have a couple of peculiarities. A single holding tank for both the FWD and AFT heads and waste water from vanities and showers flows to the bilges, not to mention at least 14 through hulls and hoses that seem to go randomly everywhere. We decided that all potable Hot and Cold water would use Red and Blue PEX replacement tubing for distribution to Galley and Heads. A FWD holding tank was fitted and equipped with new Jabsco toilets coupled to ElectroSan waste water treatment. The Water Heater is 120 VAC and Engine supplemented hot circulation water.

In practice we use Marina facilities whenever possible and under way. Both holding tanks have Y valves and electric discharge diaphragm pumps. Drinking water we use is always bottled, but the boat has an installed water maker of dubious piping and function. To cruise for a season we might even fix it.

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