Vagabond Owners Group ~ Facebook

We did not know until we had owned Rua Fiola for over a year, and were concerned how long and difficult the refit was taking that we were not alone. Because Vagabonds are quite rare it was not like going on-line and finding 1,000+ answers to a question. Do that for a Hunter our previous sailboat and the screen would fill. One search yielded a link to a facebook page. Not expecting much we went to look - Surprise!

The Vagabond Owners Group is a private membership page of Owners and would-be Owners who number about 300 and are all over the world. So we petitioned to join. It turns out we are not alone in deciding to attempt a major refit - it seems the majority of Vagabonds, especially those in the USA seem to be on the hard undergoing extensive renovation lasting in many cases over 5 years. The work is usually being done by the owners themselves thus the images and the answers to technical questions or options is quite outstanding.

It is no small comfort when expending $$$ into a boat, to find that the same value is found by many others.