Mack Sails ~ Stuart, FL

When we decided that we would re-rig Rua Fiola the choice was how best to do it. One of the prior owners of Rua Fiola had done the work themselves by measuring the rigging and having it made in Charleston and shipped to Green Cove Springs in Florida. While that was a possibility the Yard at Brunswick Landing did not have really qualified help.

We talked to North Sails but were unimpressed. A number or searches and conversations led us to Mack Sails in Stuart, so we took a road trip to talk to Colin Mack. While we had gone down with certain pre-conceptions of how extensive the refit would be, working with Colin who is very hands on and a competitive international racing sailor, helped put the best job together.

It was was not quite as simple as the list would indicate. The Refit Log details the time over which the job took. It was over 6 months. Even to start Rua Fiola had to move from Georgia to Florida which is how we found out about Harbortown. Mack Sails a are very flexible and have arrangements with many Marinas' and Yards where their people do the work. We asked Colin one time how many mast, sail and rigging change-outs he does a year, he said "A very large number often as many as 200!" - Dubious as I was, we witnessed Mast and Rigging removal one day in 3 hours and replacement with new Masts and Rigging in 4 hours, one week later. Chain Plate work is a long story - best left to other parts of this site"