Battery Re-Configuration ~ Complete Jume 2015

When the boat was purchased it had a starter battery, house batteries and a Blue Seas 3 switch battery ON - OFF - BOTH. There was a third automotive quality battery under the curved salon bench connected only to the windlass control relay. The Mastervolt charger was connected all 3 battery systems. Ther was no method of connecting either the Starter or House battery to windlass battery. There was no control contactors for the windlass or refrigerator circuits and the potable water pump circuit was OC but no blown fuse could be found. I decided to take the 3 battery bank conceptual layout, rewire and strengthen it interconnection for both charging and use by moving to Blue Seas Systems charge control.

Blue Seas Systems 3 Battery Bank Configuration


The Blue Seas layout shows how the 3 batteries are interconnected by the ML series remote battery switch, remote charging relay and the SI automatic charging relay. The automatic charging relays are the central part of the design. In a boat or vehicle with two battery banks, it is useful to be able to charge both banks while underway. Charge management devices allow battery banks to be charged from a single source, such as an alternator, but keep batteries isolated when not charging. If one battery becomes depleted, there will be a charged bank available for emergency starting. Automatic Charging Relays (ACR) use a relay combined with a voltage sensing circuit.

This is very important that the automatic control relays works both ways for Charge and Discharge, because the charging while under way might be from the Alternator, Wind Generator and Solar panels single, or in some combination. This should not be left to sets of switches under manual control. Note that the output of the 7700 on the RHS goes other circuits. Normally this would be to a breaker panel if you follow Blue Seas Layouts, or it could go to a Safety Fuse Hub. An auxilliary breaker panel can be powered through one of the Fuse Hub circuits.Safety. These Hubs have 10 fuse circuits and are rated at 280A maximum, and take a complement of 4 AMI / MIDI fuses and 6 ATO / ATC fuses. A major advantage of them is that they can be placed close to battery bank and control a set of close by devices, shortening wire runs and making problem solving easier in event of device failure.

In the CAD/PDF section of the site you will find the Rua Fiola Wiring Diagram followed in the refit.