Adirondack Chair Revise & Build - Complete July 2015

After working on Rua Fiola, at the end of the day we usually wanted to relax with a beer or a glass of wine. On warm days we tried sitting in the cockpit but found the seating, even with a cushion to be uncomfortable. Most early evening you do not really want to go below decks. We had seen picture of Vagabonds with an arc of seating around the AFT rail, they look very inviting, but they did not offer back support or the find of seat and back angles that make for comfort. Additionally as we were going to use the davits for a tender, have a rear ladder and keep the AFT track operable for the Mizzen sheet this arc of seating would not work.

We have Adirondack chairs at home in the yard and find them very comfortable for long periods of time. So the call was made "Why not put Adirondacks on the AFT deck area facong out so we could enjoy sitting at aanchor or when we are in the dock bow first. Measure an adirondack and you find it is too large to easily place on a 42, so custom work to cut down the size would be required. We found a very nice "assemble yourself" kit made of oak, we bought 2. The key to cutting an adirondack down to size is first to decide if the seat width can be narrowed so that its good for up to 200# but will not take 250#. We found as designed the chair widths were OK but the very large side arms had to be brought in and reduced in width. We did these things and tried everything out - good result.

Adirondack AFT Deck Installation ~ Complete August 2015

We had decided that the only real place to put these chairs was either side of the AFT berth Bomar hatch where a couple of the nice couple of Dorades were sitting. We removed the dorades, placing screen wire to cover the securing ring. The dorade box therefore sets the height of the adirondack seat. We placed on and neasured the clearince between seat and box and reduced the leg height to a minimum. Two longitudinal strips of unequal height were required for mounting the chair level on a sloping piece of superstructure. The actual fastening of the adirondack is to the wood surround of the bomar hatch, no offside securing is done. We then look at the space infront of the chairs and said "We need a table here to finish things off". We built the table out of red oak and preceeded to finish the chairs and table with Teak Guard. Bad decision as the wood blackened and mildewed very quickly. Not to be detered we said that stain and urethane would do the trick. That finish lasted longer, about 3 months but then blackened also. We are loath to move tosomething like Cetol because it makes the wood loke like plastic, so we are debating what to next. When we have tried it we will update the page.