Diesel Tank Removal & Repair ~ Complete March 2015

Take out the salon table and all the bench seating bases. Removing the floors required finding all of the wood plugs the covered the securing screws. To avoid damage to the surrounding wood, drill a 1/8 hole into the center of the plug, drive in a screw and pry out the plug. Did this 40+ times. The main salon and V berth floor came out in 7 sections which were taken of the boat along with the table and bench seating bases.

We found that the diesel tanks were aluminum and had been installed apparently in 2009 when the boat had a major interior refit including the saloon flooring. Because of the refit, the salon cross joists above the diesel tanks had been cut and screwed back in place with cheek plates. The joists were removed and tank hoses and fuel line disconnected so the 2 leaking aluminum tanks could be taken of the boat. The water tanks were the original stainless steel tanks and are leak free.

The diesel tanks showed heavy pitting on its base up 1" on the side walls. Above that height the walls, top and hatches were clear of corrosion. It was decided that to replace the both tanks was very expensive - $5,000 because of the tapered trapezoidal shape, so we cut of the pitted base and wall section and welded a new base onto the tank. The tanks were then chromate corrosion proof coated USN standard - and pressure tested at both 3 psi and 5 psi for 24 hours. No pressure loss occurred. All of the pitted surface removal, plasma cutting, welding, chromate treatment and pressure test was done at Bills shop in Brunswick. /p>

All of the labor was our own. The out of pocket cost for doing this work was $600 +/-.