LPG Manifold, Tanks, Stove Cut-Off - Complete October 2015

As built Rua Fiola has an LPG locker below the PORT deck at the stern. The boat is equipped with 3 burner Force 10 stove / oven unit and a rail mounted BBQ on the stern rail. The LPG solenoid cut-off switch in the Galley was inoperative and replaced with a new unit. The piping between the LPG locker and the gimble mounted stove looked in good repair, but the mounting and cut-off connection of the LPG cylinders was based on bungee cords and the cyclinder valves themselves.

The cyclinders were a mix of the OLD ~ POL internal threads and NEW ~ QCC coarse external threads hose connections. The LPG locker will not accept a tank larger than 10# size, thus they were taken to Amerigas for replacement of the valves with all NEW QCC connectors, Pressure Tested and Charged with gas.

In the LPG locker a new manifold was constructed with individual tank turn cut-off valves and hoses incorporating a regulator and the QCC female nut for each of the 3 tanks. A solenoid valve was placed on either end of the manifold so that cut-off of the BBQ could be done independent of the stove. To secure the tanks in place 2 simple clamping bars secure tanks 1&2 and tanks 2&3 respectively with wing nuts to tighten them in place. One nicety of this LPG locker is the use of a solar power exhaust fan for safety purposes as the locker wall is part of the rear berth cabinetry. We have not checked to see if there is a battery on the fan to ensure it continues to work overnight.

At this time of writing the BBQ unit still uses the small 2# tanks. As time permits the BBQ will be permenantly connected to the manifold using the LHS solenoid valve for flow control.