Potable Water System Revision ~ Phase 1 Complete November 2015

The potable water system had an inoperative pressure pump, hot water heater that was heavily rusted and a hose layout that defied understanding. The decision was made to remove all potable water system parts back to the Galley, AFT and FWD faucets. The seawater foot pumps to the Galley, AFT and FWD faucets were inoperative and were removed. The same applied to Seagull drinking water treatment system, which while beneficial if the boat was offshore for 2 or more years, for US / Caribbean Cruising Potable water is routinely available.

The new potable water system was designed in the Rua Fiola CAD system. The choice existed whether to use reinforced PVC tubing or PEX Red and Blue semi-rigid tube. PEX has become the system of choice in many new home and the occasional Boat Builder. PEX is available in both Metric 15 MM and SAE sizing, we chose the for simple compatibility with end point connection. The PEX was routed from Water Tanks all through Potable Water Pump, Accumulator to each of the 1/8 Galley, AFT and FWD Faucet feed tubes. The water tank syphon pipes feed though turn valves to a T and then to the potable water pump. We routed cold water to the new Isotemp 4-gallon water heater and the back to the faucets and shower heads. Use the PexPDF link to view PEX and associated PEX fittings data sheets.

When the PEX system was pressurized the first time all the PEX tubing, connectors, Valves, Ts were leak free. The only place that leaked was an OEM elbow connection at the water heater which required re-seating. The water pump is a Flojet nominal 3 GPM 4 cavity diaphragm design with a built-in pressure switch set for 35 PSI, feeding a vertical mount accumulator. Over time 12 to 24 hours the system loses pressure and the pump will restart and occasionally not satisfy due to air in the system. This problem is a nuisance, so when not on board we set the potable water pump breaker to OFF. Use the FlojetPDF link to view the pump data sheets.

The Isotemp hot water heater was chosen because it is a relatively low wattage unit at 750 watts versus the old and dying Raritan unit it replaced at 1250 watts. The 4-gallon size was dictated by the physical space available to mount it. It has a readily accessible mixing valve to adjust water outlet temperature form a max of 160F and less. The current draw at 120 VAC is less than 6 Amps, which is important with the standard shore power 30 Amp Service. The Isotemp also has the engine hot water feed using the reinforced flexible PVC tubing. The capability exists in the Wind Generator charge regulator to dump excess charge to the Water Heater heating coil if required. This remains unconnected at this time until the full charge cut-off voltage and the STOP switch are tested. Use the IsotempPDF link to view the unit manual.

Water Maker Repair & Test ~ Phase 2 In-Process

The water maker is currently inoperative. It has not been used for 7 years, however it will be resucitated before we leave US waters.