CAD for Rua Fiola available as PDF Exports from AutoCAD Files

This section of the site is to try and duplicate the core information we have in our 3-ring binders that help us understand and maintain the systems we have on the boat. It has occurred too many times that the information we needed was at home of on another device. The way we work is that this site although public on the web is more for ourselves, and we keep a copy on a memory stick to view on a laptop if that is more convenient. Additionaly the laptop allows us to update the site as we make changes and the FTP to the ISP. Each of the PDF's below is an extract fom the Rua Fiola CAD file. They open in a new browser window and like any PDF you can use the ZOOM IN / OUT controls to see details.

Probably the most important of these PDF's is the General Assembly Technical Drawing. It is correct for the general location of all boat systems. A subset of this drawing is the Garmin Navigation System Layout which is an extract from the same CAD database. The DC Charging sub menu on this page links to a page of general explanation and then has links to the product manuals relevant to DC Charging. The DC Electrical System page has the CAD / PDF file and more PDF's that are essential to making the system work or are key DC equipment on the boat.