Quick Reference Pages of Need to Know Passage Information

This chapter will "IN THE FUTURE" have information about the areas we have sailed or resource information on where we plan to sail - but "IT IS NOT READY YET". We need to have a place where we file things that we want to keep at our fingertips. We know that Active Captain has a wealth of information but there are time when we do not have an Internet connection to access it. It is so easy to capture images, text and PDF's and add them to the site.


As an example we often want to refer to the Beaufort scale especially in the matter of wave heights and the wind speed when they are breaking. As we find how Rua Fiola handles many conditions we will use the first sub menu to note the best sail plan and how it changes as wind increases or moderates. We want to be aware of how she handles in differing swell periods and note those that are most uncomfortable and likely to cause sea sickness.

YOU GET THE IDEA - it may be an ongoing exercise for a number of years. When we start sailing this winter we will start to add real content to the sub menu pages.