Pictures of Rua Fiola from August 25, 2014 ... and Forward

The left hand menu links of this picture gallery allows us to record what Rua Fiola was at the time of purchase and then to record the changes that we made on the refit revitalization. The upper links show the boat as it is, at the completion of that section of the refit work. the Rua Fiola ~ As Purchased bottom link gives a good idea of the boat initially. The Refit Log chapter of this site will expand on the reasoning behind the many things that were done as parts of the 2+ year long period of work.


Rua Fiola was purchased on August 25th 2014. We had first looked at her on the 12th of July, 2014. The purchase process was a long drawn out affair as the seller was in Oregon. Prior to the sea trial it required repair the diesel engine and fuel system to get things to run. One tank had leaked into the bilge - this required that it be drained and disabled to let things proceed. This would either become a deal breaker or cause a very substantial price reduction.

The sea trial went well and the boat was lifted for a full hull inspection, at which point the marine surveyor could complete the marine survey report. This done we accepted the vessel and went to closing at a very substantially reduced price on the 25th.