Work Plan & Projects ~ In-Process and Complete

This chapter is about what has to be done to make improvements to Rua Fiola. We keep a list of work that we want to do and initially decide on the best way or the appropriate technology to make it happen. Typically we will go to the ABYC standards documents and also read Calder's Boat owner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual. With some knowledge in hand we start the destruction of the work area involved. It is not until we have removed offending equipment that we will consider hardware purchases for self installation, or decide that this is a piece of work to be contracted. One of the realities is that most contractors will give an estimate only and are hard to get a firm price from. When you look at contractor rates of between $70 and $100+ per hour it is often easy to learn a new skill.

We have written in the log chapter of this site (last horizontal menu tab) somewhat after the fact, recounting what was involved in this extensive refit of Rua Fiola. We at times are not happy with our own work because of lack of skill or knowledge. The benefit of having done most of the below decks work ourselves is that we know the boat very well. I had thought that our refit had taken too much time, but when I meet other Vagabond owners on-line our story is not too different from many others.