Resources that were Critical to Rua Fiola

When we started our adventure with Rua Fiola we said from the Get Go, it was going to be a long and complex haul. Boats are expensive and the care and feeding of them always from; If your Marina does not provide you with good value it starts to become an irritant every month as the Slip or Storage charges come in.

If you are a lonely Sailboat in a predominantly power boat community the common interests tend to be minimal. Harbortown is about 350 slips with approximately 50/50 mix of Sail and Power. How and where you sail is often age dependent. A very professional shop like Mack Sails is essential in deciding how you outfit your boat.

Can you sail shorthanded? Can you manage deteriorating weather? These are questions that need advice and answers from experts. In the same vein a group of owners who have the same boat or boat family is a real plus.

Vagabonds are not run of the mill. There is precious little in documentation from Blue Water Yacht Builders of Taiwan, so you need to find people who have experience with them - an Owners Group.

Lastly, electronics on board is almost second nature, but even so, how well integrated is your system. In our experience Mix and Match has too many downsides, especially if you intend to expand your system.